Team Members

Our team consists of renowned experts in finance, marketing, blockchain technology, trading, and the law. They are the most motivated and enthusiastic professionals, and they are always glad to offer
A seasoned company builder,Ashraf khaleel has grown multiple companies,+20 years experiences in software developpement , Web developement and management.+12 years experience in crypto trading , expertise in blockchain technology.
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With an extensive background in cryptocurrency, financial analysis, risk management, and trading, I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. My six years of experience working in top UK financial institutions in project management, business strategy, and financial management have given me a deep understanding of the financial sector.
I have a proven track record of success in financial management, with a strong ability to analyze complex financial data and provide insightful recommendations for improvement. My skills in strategic planning, risk management, and making decisions have helped the organizations I've worked for grow and be successful.
I am eager to bring my experience and expertise to Mrweb Finance, where I am a founding leader and committed to delivering positive results. My passion for problem-solving, attention to detail, and drive for success make me well-equipped to lead the team at Mrweb Finance and contribute to the company's continued success.
I am excited about the opportunity to use my skills and knowledge to make a difference at Mrweb Finance and am confident that my dedication to excellence will enable me to achieve all the professional successes that I aspire to.
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Engineer software development engineer that started writing code since 7 years, curious,passionate, up to date with technology. Expert in PHP, Larave, MySQL, Serverless, Javascript, AWS, and CI/CD.Skilled in gathering requirements, preparing documentation, and working in an agile environment and able to learn new programming languages in record time
Najeeb abu alroub
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Senior Mobile Application Developer
A creative and technical mobile application & web developer . Experienced in the development field as per the clients’ inquires , in which more than 15 applications were launched professionally in both IOS & android play store .

Our Values

Think Clearly

Clarity of thought is the most essential quality that we seek in our coworkers.
We value clear and concise communication and prioritize the message before speaking, focusing on what is important and disregarding what is not.
We prioritize clear and concise communication, striving to make information simple and easy to understand.

Be Resourceful

We dig deeper to comprehend every problem thoroughly.
We are resourceful and able to work with what we have, but are not afraid to ask for assistance when required.
We believe that anyone can contribute great ideas, regardless of their seniority or level of experience.

Stay Determined

We persist in the face of challenges, support each other during difficult times, and acknowledge the determination of our coworkers.
We embrace the challenge of creating a company that will change the world and enjoy every moment of the journey.
We take time to acknowledge and celebrate our completed milestones as a team and then recharge to continue our work.

Dream Big

We aim high, make calculated moves, and pioneer new ideas and strategies.
We make difficult decisions that are in line with our long-term goals, without hesitation.
We understand that achieving seemingly impossible goals becomes possible with hard work and determination.

Take Ownership and Be Decisive

We have the power to take the lead, make informed choices, and behave as if we are the owners of the company.
We take pride in our company culture and strive to attract top talent by hiring individuals we have worked with in the past and trust.
Our goal is to make decisions that are both fast and impactful, leaving a lasting impression and inspiring others.

Remain Humble

We prioritize the success of the company and the satisfaction of our users over personal recognition and fame.
We don't let our personal interests get in the way of making the right decisions for the company and its users. We continuously learn from our mistakes, recognizing that together, we are more resilient and effective.
We are mindful of expenditures but are proactive in investing in what is important.