Mrweb Finance Ecosystem

Mrweb Finance is packed with many features to provide financial solutions in the crypto industry. We shall discuss some of these features below:
AMA Cash wallet is the powerhouse of mrweb. Mr web Finance brings to you a smart wallet that features all of Mr web Finance's products in one place:
  • Send and receive all digital currencies safely and easily.
  • Staking system to work with the best ratio in the market.
  • A special section that provides shopping methods through Amazon and Google Play Gift Cards
  • A virtual bank card to use online.
  • Cold Wallet is for all AMA Cash wallet users for free through a special card To protect the investors' money and data from hacking.
Our AMA Cash cold wallet is the first of its kind, allowing users to safely store cryptocurrency while using Debit Card features on the same device. The cold wallet feature safeguards the investors' money and data from hacking, while the Debit Card feature allows users to withdraw digital currencies from any ATM in the world.
  • A smart plastic Mrweb debit card to withdraw digital currencies through any ATM in the world Works with NFC technology. Any user can request this card through the application for free from any country worldwide.
  • An integrated trading platform allows users to trade and use the smart trading bot. The AMA Cash wallet will be connected and collect more significant features in one location like Friends Invitation Rewards, Farming, P2P Marketplace, NFT Marketplace, In-App Chat, and In-Built Exchange.

2.2 MrwebFi cold wallet and Wallet Cards:

The MewbFi cold wallet is one of our innovative products that will be available soon on the market. Any user can request and use it as a secure cold wallet to store their cryptocurrency via our MrwebFi Card Wallet, which will be exclusively eligible to store users' crypto assets, as opposed to the AMA Cash Debit Card, which can be used as a wallet card and a debit card for ATM withdrawals on the same device.
To protect the investors' money and data from hacking, we have removed all user data from the network and stored it on the MrwebFi Card Wallet locally.
Everything here is done online, and the MrwebFi Cold wallet uses a proprietary internal system to store all users' information through the wallet card.
If the user has left his phone somewhere and gone away, he will be unable to get his wallet and utilize it. The proximity to the device determines the connection to the card for on-chain transactions it is already connected to. This means that if the phone and the card are not close, connectivity will be lost, making it impossible to make on-chain transactions. Our technology will prevent users' wallets from being controlled remotely. This gives access to only the wallet owner.

2.3 MasterCards/debit cards

We offer a smart plastic debit card to withdraw digital currencies through any ATM. It Works with NFC technology. Our AMA CASH Card Wallet will be used as a Debit card in the future for online payment and Atm withdrawal after ATm integration. Any user can request this card through the AMA Cash wallet app for free from any country worldwide. He must only lock $150 worth of $AMA.

2.4 Virtual Debit cards

AMA CASH card is our in-app card used to purchase available cards like Amazon gift cards, Google Play gift cards, virtual debit cards, etc. In other words, users cannot use the crypto balance directly to purchase Amazon, Google play, Debit, and other online cards. They need to deposit their AMA to AMA CASH card first for it to be converted to USD, which can be then used to purchase these cards(Amazon, Google Play, Debit, and other online cards)

2.5 Digital voucher/Gift cards

Mrweb Finance will have stocks of digital vouchers that users can buy on our app. They include Amazon gift cards, Google play cards, debit and other online cards.

2.6 Incentive Programs

45% of our token supply has been allocated for these programs to give back to our token holders. Below are some:

2.6a Staking

Since our launch, we have rewarded our community handsomely for staking their tokens. We offer one of the best staking programs with high Reward rates! The staking programs will be released as and when needed to reduce the rate at which the incentive pool depletes at a faster rate. This will help new investors who join us to also enjoy our incentive programs at any time even though early birds will have higher rates than new investors.

2.6b Virtual Mining(shortened to as Mining)

Mining, for short, will be one of the programs we will introduce to reward our token holders. Like crypto mining rentals, users can buy hash rates and compete for AMA rewards depending on their hash rates(hash power).

2.7 P2P marketplace :

P2P marketplace: In a crypto marketplace, the term "peer-to-peer" (commonly shortened to P2P) refers to transferring assets amongst users with no central authority participation. P2P marketplace growth keeps accelerating by providing individuals and small businesses with a lower-cost option.

Features of the AMA Cash Wallet Peer-to-Peer Marketplace :

  1. 1.
    We provide a smooth peer-to-peer marketplace without the need for a third party. Buyers can select their favourite sellers and vice versa for a more secure and trusted trading experience.
  2. 2.
    Our Peer-to-peer payments allow traders to send, receive, or seek a settlement utilizing various payment methods and industry leaders like PayPal, Venmo, and Square, Inc., among many others.
  3. 3.
    Peer-to-Peer Trading Platform for Multiple Currencies:The multi-currency P2P AMA Cash Wallet exchange helps traders trade Bitcoin and altcoins. Users may purchase crypto with fiat and sell crypto for fiat, and it can simplify all digital coin-related processes in a single platform.
  4. 4.
    Escrow for Transaction Security feature. It helps to secure trading transactions and avoid fraud. Not only our AMA CASH Wallet P2P exchange is secure by sending/receiving escrow, but it also analyzes the entire market and community.

2.8 Swap portal And An In-Built Exchange:

MrwebFi offers an integrated trading platform that allows users to trade manually or using a trading bot. One of the world’s fastest and most secure crypto trading platform will be available through AMA Cash wallet.
Users will be able to swap their AMA tokens to USDT by making a few clicks.

2.9 Payment Integration

MrWeb Finance will provide a blockchain-based API for the payment integration into e-commerce-like platforms where users will be paying AMA Token or any other ERC20/BEP20 based tokens for goods.
Fig: Payment Integration Architecture

2.9.2 Mrweb Finance POS Device

Mrweb Finance POS device will be used to add up and take payments for purchases at shops. Depending on the crypto that is accepted by the merchant, users can pay using a wide range of crypto assets.

3.0 Mrweb Finance Token (AMA)

The Mrweb Finance project is driven by its native token called the Mrweb Finance Token. Our incentive programs rely on these tokens to reward loyal holders. Certain payments on AMA Cash wallet can also be made only through the use of these tokens.

3.1 Network/blockchain

The Mrweb Finance smart contract is currently deployed on the Binance Chain Network.

3.2 Audit

The smart contract is audited by QuillAudits.

3.3 Utility

AMA is the utility token of the Mrweb Finance ecosystem. It will power the activities of our ecosystem ranging from trading, Decentralized investing and payments.